Our cheesecakes are tasty, gluten-free, and healthy!

We make the best keto friendly cheesecakes in Dallas!

We all love sweets but we get cranky when we deprive ourselves to be healthier or slimmer.  Never deprive yourself again.  “And I Like It”  makes decadently, delicious, sugarless individual cheesecakes that are gluten-free, high protein, high fiber, and low net carbs!  Commit to no more deprivation.  Join the club of yummy, healthy treats…you’ll really like it!

“And I Like It”  makes decadently, delicious, no sugar added individual cheesecakes that are gluten-free, low carb, and delicious!

Our single serve cheesecakes are unique because they are made with an innovative sugar alcohol blend that does not have the typical “diet” taste or bitter after taste.  Even people without health needs love them.  The benefit of sugar alcohols is that they look and taste like sugar but have fewer negative health effects and are low on the glycemic index.  In fact, many studies show that sugar alcohols can lead to health improvements.  We also pack our cheesecakes with collagen which is an important protein that provides structure to many parts of our bodies including skin, muscles, and bones.  A bonus is the quality, organic, non-GMO ingredients we use to make our cheesecakes from scratch.  You will be able to look at the label and know they are made of real quality ingredients!

Think of our cheesecakes as a tool for you, to help you stay on your personal health course.  They are the perfect size; big enough to feel like you treated yourself but portioned to easily fit into your daily macros. The good fats, quality ingredients, and protein make you feel like you ate a big dessert without the guilt of overeating or the extra calories.   These decadent cheesecakes satiate your body and gratify your sweet tooth!  Pick one up today.

We are proud to partner with VetStarts.com. VetStarts is a national nonprofit organization with the vision for all returning veterans, and their loved ones to have “Hope for Today, and a Plan for Tomorrow.” They provide career transition training, coaching, and camaraderie for starting meaningful new lives and rewarding new careers at no cost to their clients. VetStarts measures success one veteran, one family, one day at a time.

They serve unemployed, under-employed, self-employed veterans and their family members, as well as service members preparing to leave the military. They also offer fee-based training, coaching, and veteran led mission trips.

Check out Army Veteran, Tori Hobbs story. His involvement with Vetstarts.com made a lasting change in his life.

If you want to help make a difference, go to https://vetstarts.com/donate/  Check out the VetStarts Missions! We at And I Like It donate our time to this program.  It also helped our founder feel camaraderie after leaving the military and a sense of purpose. It’s a program that is really providing hope for veterans who need to serve others and feel self-worth like they did when they served in the military.

If you are a veteran, veteran spouse, or patriot that wants to give back to a needy family and work with awesome veterans Memorial Weekend 2021, go to https://vetstarts.com/about-us/contact/ and fill in your information.  Someone will get back to you!