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Tired of bland sugar-free and gluten-free options? At And I Like It™, we understand the challenge of embracing a healthier lifestyle by reducing sugar. That’s why we offer a variety of ways to enjoy our products and services. You can buy our ready-made products and sweeteners at festivals, farmers’ markets, and local partner stores, or purchase our ingredients to make recipes at home. Don’t forget to check out our blog for inspiration and tips! While some products can be conveniently shipped to your door, others are best found at local markets and stores across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. For those in the DFW area, we also offer delivery services. Our clean, gut-friendly sugar alternatives allow you to enjoy your favorite foods without compromise while embracing a low-carb, low-sugar lifestyle. Explore recipes and resources for a vibrant journey.

The Heart of Our Business

Our premium sugar substitutes are GMO-free, Keto-friendly, Diabetic-Friendly, Zero Net Carbs, and Maltitol-Free. Enjoy making your favorite meals without worrying about sugar intake or digestive issues.  

FirstRate™ was born out of Ericka and her sister’s quest to help Ericka transition off sugar without the usual hardships. This unique blend measures like sugar and helps to achieve desirable textures in baked goods.  It’s the star ingredient in all our ready-made products, and we’re excited to showcase its versatility and flavor-enhancing qualities.

And I Like It™ Stevia Sweetener – the clean, pure sweet taste you’ve been craving! Perfect for everything from jazzing up your sparkling water to adding a hint of sweetness to your morning coffee or tea. Our stevia is produced using a fermentation process, so there are no artificial fillers – just natural sweetness. Plus, a little goes a long way! Whether it’s hot or cold, this sweetener is your go-to for delicious beverages.

TopNotch™ is a zero calorie, zero glycemic all-natural sweetener. It measures just like sugar. TopNotch™ is what we came up with after some of our clients requested we have a zero glycemic sugar substitute that tasted great. Ericka’s favorite use for this substitute is using it for glazes and royal icings.  If you are looking for a Xylitol free baking substitute, this is a good choice.

Learn to Make Healthy Versions of Your Favorite Meals

And I Like It™ is dedicated to helping you enjoy your favorite foods while making healthy changes. Our clean sugar substitutes offer a game-changing alternative without negative side effects, encouraging a low-carb/low-sugar lifestyle without compromising on flavor.

Explore our recipes page for tips and ideas on adapting your favorite meals to healthier alternatives. We’re committed to providing delicious, nutrient-dense, and gluten-free products that enhance your well-being. Beyond products, we offer recipe makeovers and resources to support your journey to a healthy and vibrant life. Join us at And I Like It™ as we redefine your food and wellness experience.

Sweet Indulgences for Confident Choices

Make confident choices with our sugar-free sweets! Our fresh and nutritionally packed snacks won’t kick you out of ketosis. Indulge in our keto cheesecakes, Candied Keto Pecans, Protein PB Fudge, and No-Bake Cheesecake Bites, all sweetened with And I Like It™ FirstRate™, our signature sugar substitute. Enjoy guilt-free indulgence with every bite!

Savor the creamy goodness of our single-serve cheesecakes, perfect for meal replacement and satisfying your cravings. Explore a variety of delicious flavors available at our partner stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, online, and at local events. 

Get ready to go nuts over our irresistible candied keto pecans! Made without corn syrup or other harmful ingredients, these delightful treats provide a refreshing boost without the heavy feeling of overproduced snacks. Indulge in the natural goodness of pecans, perfectly sweetened for your enjoyment.

Indulge in our Protein PB Fudge, a protein-packed delight! Each 4 oz portion boasts 30g of protein in 5 mouthwatering servings. Satisfy your cravings and boost your protein intake with this melt-in-your-mouth treat. Available online and at local events – grab yours today and treat yourself to a guilt-free delight!

One of our latest products is our No-Bake Cheesecake Bite. They have an Ice Cream texture and they will give you an energy boost. Flavors vary through the season. You can find them at local Farmer’s markets and online.

Helping you Stay on Course

We help people move from confused to confident by sharing ready-made products, recipes, resources, and research. Join our monthly newsletter for in-depth guidance on keeping a wholesome lifestyle to make you feel vibrant. 

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