Our cheesecakes are tasty, gluten-free, and healthy!

And I Like It keto bakery makes the best low carb cheesecakes and candied keto nuts in Dallas and Tarrant County!

We all love sweets but we get cranky when we deprive ourselves to be healthier or slimmer.  Never deprive yourself again.  And I Like It™ makes decadently, delicious, no added sugar, individual cheesecakes and candied keto pecans. We also sell our sugar substitutes and gluten-free baking blend.  All of our products are gluten-free and low to zero net carbs. Commit to no more deprivation.  Join the club of yummy, healthy treats…you’ll really like it!

Navigate Your Health

Think of our keto treats as tools for you, to help you stay on your personal health course. Our keto goodies are great for low carb diets, keto lifestyles, South Beach diets, Atkins diets, and diabetics while still being tasty for the whole family! Our mini cheesecakes are the perfect size; big enough to feel like you treated yourself but portioned to easily fit into your daily macros. The good fats, quality ingredients, and protein make you feel like you ate a big dessert without the guilt of overeating or the extra calories. These decadent cheesecakes and nuts satiate your body and gratify your sweet tooth! Pick a cheesecake  up today at a store near you or get any of our sweeteners, baking blend, or nuts mailed to your front door!

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