What makes And I Like It unique?
And I Like It uses only the finest ingredients including Philadelphia® cream cheese, heavy cream, salted butter, fresh eggs, low carb fruit, certified gluten-free flours, our all-natural sweetener blend, and pure vanilla. Our cheesecakes have a signature gluten-free crust that is moist and buttery with real almonds or pecan bits, unlike most other gluten-free cheesecakes that have no crust!  We bake them in small batches and hand make each layer of the cheesecakes just like mom did when she created this recipe!  They all come in single serve portions which make it easy for taking on the go.

Does And I Like It guarantee customer’s satisfaction? 
YES. All of our products come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are very confident your cheesecake will be delicious right down to the last bite.

Where are And I Like Cheesecakes made? 
All of our low carb, keto friendly cheesecakes are made directly for you. Our gluten-free commercial bakery is located in Richardson, TX and retains the highest standards of safety and cleanliness. It is also a dedicated gluten-free manufacturing factory.  All of our products contain dairy, nuts, and eggs.

How many servings are there in a cheesecake? 

All of our cheesecakes come single serve.  This is great for handing out at birthday parties or treating yourself and saving the rest for later.  You can order in increments of 4 or more but as many as you like!  You can mix and match all flavors of cheesecakes for delivery to one of our stores that allows delivery for free or delivered to your door within 25 miles of 75228 for $15.

How should I serve my And I Like It cheesecakes?

Cheesecakes should be served at room temperature or straight out of the refrigerator. They taste amazing either way!!  If frozen, defrost on the counter for 2 hours or leave in refrigerator overnight before serving.

How long do And I Like It cheesecakes last?

From the time the cheesecakes are made, they last for six weeks.  We make them fresh weekly, and we suggest you eat them within a month of taking them home or freeze them up to 6 months. Make sure if you are buying out in town you check the best by date, the cheesecakes will be good for 10 days after.

Where can I purchase And I Like It cheesecakes? 

You can purchase And I Like It cheesecakes at local farmer’s markets in the Dallas-Fort Worth area specialty retail stores, and in our online store to be picked up at Total Nutrition on Mockingbird Lane near Uptown in Dallas, TX, D’Lites in North Richland Hills, TX, Roscoe’s Coffee House in Keller, TX,  Lakeside Urban Grocery in Flower Mound, Well Grounded Coffee Community on Garland Rd in Dallas, and Keto Kitchen Creations in both Plano, TX and Keller, TX only have single portions of cheesecakes available to pick up daily. 

Ordering Process and Privacy Policy

How secure is my information when ordering? 
As safe, if not safer, than ordering over the phone. Our ordering process is a secured electronic transaction designed to protect your vital information. Of course, any purchase process includes the risk of abuse, but the facts show that online purchases are much safer than in-person purchases or telephone purchases.

What does And I Like It do with my information?   

Any information that you give to And I Like It through this site is kept within our company. We do not sell or distribute our contact lists or client lists to anyone. The information is solely used to help understand our customers, reply to comments suggestions or concerns, and to better direct promotions. Your privacy is important to us.

How can I contact And I Like It

  • You can call or text us at 214-810-5782
  • Email us at ericka@andilikeit.com

Where can I pick up an And I Like It cheesecake today without preordering? 

Tip:  We have found that people who have gluten issues also have some dairy issues.  We followed the Whole30 diet plan and eliminated all grains, dairy, nuts, legumes, sugars, and then after the first month slowly reintroduced dairy back into our diet.  We found that once we eliminated the harmful grains that contained gluten we could eat foods that contained dairy.