Stevia is a healthy alternative.

Simply put, stevia is a healthy substitute for sugar. Derived from a plant, it is natural, calorie-free, and when processed to maintain purity, it preserves most of its medicinal properties.

Scientists stated in a research study in 2017 that stevia reduces plaque production and doesn’t cause tooth decay.

Because it is not acidic, stevia does not harm the enamel or cause gum disease. Studies have also shown that using stevia and living a healthy lifestyle can help to control diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar, lowering glucose levels, and building glucose tolerance.

Moderation is key, as stevia’s consumption doesn’t carry the same adverse effects on kidney function. It hinders kidney cyst growth and can improve polycystic kidney disease. Stevia is also known to have diuretic qualities, which help to rid the body of excess salt while boosting urine output, lowering blood pressure, benefiting the heart, and stopping the hardening of arteries. Natural stevia has helped many to maintain a healthy weight or lose extra pounds. Stevia can be added to sweeten any meal, dessert, or beverage without adding excessive calories to a diet or lifestyle.

Why is stevia a healthier alternative?

Our Stevia

And I Like It™ Stevia™ is high purity and at the top of the sweetness range at 350 times sweeter than sugar. A little goes a long way!

You’ve probably noticed the abundance of “Stevia products” on the market today. Unfortunately, many contain added ingredients like dextrose, maltitol, cane sugar, or sodium. When selecting a stevia product, exercise caution to avoid these additives.
Stevia often carries a bitter aftertaste, deterring some individuals from enjoying it. However, our founder, Ericka, experimented with various combinations until discovering one that made her say “And I Like It”!

Differences in AILI Stevia, FirstRate and TopNotch sugar substitutes

Thanks to stevia’s potency, you’ll find you need less to achieve your desired level of sweetness. Just a pinch is roughly equivalent to a teaspoon of regular sugar.

Our convenient packaging makes AILI Stevia™ easy to take on the go, allowing you to satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing your health goals. It is so easy to add a dash to your tea or coffee! Indulge your cravings guilt-free with AILI Stevia™, and save those precious calories for more nutritious and satisfying fare! AILI Stevia™ is all-natural, boasting high purity without any unnecessary additives. We’ve perfected the flavor and eliminated the bitter aftertaste.

FirstRate™ and TopNotch™ are stevia blends specifically designed for cooking and baking. While retaining stevia’s benefits, they measure like sugar.