Sugar and YOUR Liver

Sugar and YOUR Liver!

It’s the time of year that our liver is working overtime! There are holiday get-togethers, extra yummy food and beverages, colder temperatures. As a result your liver works just a little bit harder.

The liver plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health. A quick review of the image to the right will remind you of everything our liver does for us.

A healthy liver can be a powerful ally in relieving stress, fighting aging, and safeguarding our body when it’s healthy. However, it requires proper support to do its job effectively. The most effective way to support it is by feeding it a healthy diet.

Functions of a healthy liver

Diet is Important

A diet high in sugar will have negative impacts on your liver. We know that sugar turns into fat. So, after we eat a meal that contains sugar our body will start to break down the glucose. Some of this glucose gets turned into energy for quick use, and our body reserves some for later and stores it as fat cells. One of the storage areas is right there in your liver. Over time, the fat cells will replace our healthy liver cells. The extra fat cells can lead to non-alcohol-related fatty liver disease. Its estimated that non-alcohol-related fatty liver disease (NAAFLD) will likely take the lead in the causes of liver disease in the near future. 

Our liver also feels the effects of inflammation, another known issue with consuming too much sugar. Our bodies release inflammatory chemicals each time we eat sugar. These chemicals will build up over time and will affect our livers and other internal organs. 

When the liver is damaged, inflamed, or fatty, it cannot do its job efficiently. Therefore the liver will burn less fat and cholesterol which leads to more fatty deposits forming in the liver and weight gain. By cutting out sugar from our diets and fueling our body with nutritious foods, our liver can repair itself and reverse the damage caused by an unhealthy diet!

I saw a drastic change in how I felt and my overall health when I started saying no to sugar. I touch on my struggles and journey here.

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