Why is sugar so addictive?

Sugar seems innocent. Surely, it must be if it is in just about everything, right?


Sugar is so addictive! Check a few labels next time you go shopping. You might be surprised how many times it is listed in the ingredients. Sugar can be found in everything from salsa to peanut butter.

The tricky part is that it may not even be listed as sugar. Look closely for words like glucose, brown sugar, dextrose, sucrose, turbinado, coconut sugar, jaggery powder and corn syrup.

Sugar is so addictive!

Sugar releases opioids and dopamine into our body, which activates our opiate receptors. Opioids and dopamine release into our body and brain, giving us that desired high feeling. This reward system is triggered after sugar consumption in the same ways that drugs activate the same receptors.

Sweets reinforce these neural pathways, causing our bodies to feel like we need more sugar. Our brain will constantly crave sugar and then build up a tolerance, which means our brain and body will crave it even more. Think about how often sugar is used as a “reward” in our lives, starting from when we were children.

Sugar feeds the compulsive behavior that makes us ignore the adverse consequences like weight gain, hormone imbalances, inflammation, diabetes, and fatty liver disease.

After a lot of research and trial and error, I realized that I suffered from sugar addiction and other health problems due to the food I consumed. I knew I needed to make a commitment to change my eating habits. Giving up sugar and gluten was and still is the best thing I did for my body! I feel so much better!

You can read a little more about my struggle here.

How can And I Like It™ help you kick the habit?

The same way it helped me! Switch to our sugar substitute! I broke free from my sugar addiction by taking action. As part of my journey, I developed my own sugar substitute blend called FirstRate™. Together with my biochemist sister, we delved deep into sourcing and blending ingredients. After extensive research and experimentation, we perfected a sugar substitute that not only delivers fantastic taste but also boasts all-natural ingredients. And the best part? We steer clear of any harmful chemicals in the sourcing, processing, and blending of our products!

AILI Sweeteners
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