Original Cheesecake


Low Carb, Keto-Friendly, Gluten-Free, Individual Cheesecakes

Our creamy Original cheesecake is a favorite. It has a luscious cream cheese middle layer with hints of lemon. The crust is made with a moist, buttery, gluten-free flour blend that has small bits of almonds. The almonds give the cheesecake a nice change of texture that adds to the complexity of the cheesecake along with the added grass-fed collagen. It is topped off with a vanilla creamy icing which balances the sweetness of the cream cheese filling. Perfectly proportioned for helping you stay on course.

This signature cheesecake is available all year long



You can choose to have special orders delivered to Total Nutrition, D’Lites, Roscoe’s Coffee House, FitBrews, Hello Gorgeous Blowouts, or any event we will be attending if ordered prior to the event  if the order is over $55.  Otherwise, you can pick up at a store close to you.

We do make deliveries of our low carb mini cheesecakes, And I Like It™ Stevia, And I Like It™ FirstRate™, And I Like It™ TopNotch™, and And I Like It’™ Baking Blend within a 25 mile radius from 75228 for a $7 delivery fee. If it is past the 25 miles, please contact us for a quote.T